3 Signs Of Damage To Look Out For When Buying Used Instruments

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Are you thinking of buying a used instrument? Whether you're just beginning to learn the flute or purchasing a guitar for your child, a used instrument can be an excellent way to get value at a lower cost. Nevertheless, there are some telltale signs of damage that you should be looking for if you want to get the best bang for your buck. These signs of damage often indicate that the instrument itself may not be playable or may sound wrong when played.

25 February 2015

A Guy's Guide To Selecting A Diamond Engagement Ring: Color And Cut


Selecting the right engagement ring is really important. Part of that process involves selecting the best diamond. But, what does that entail? Most guys are not familiar with diamonds, so they might walk into a jeweler and buy the first stone they see. That's a bad idea. You should go about it like you would if you were buying a car. Do some research beforehand.  Familiarize yourself with diamonds. Not all diamonds are alike.

18 February 2015