Eight Personal Ideas for Wedding Bands


Few things are as personal as the wedding bands that a couple exchanges. You may be wondering what sorts of ideas are worth using to put your special touch on the rings you'll be choosing. Here are eight suggestions that can add a personal element to your wedding bands.

Two Halves of a Whole

The classic version of this wedding band design is two halves of a heart. A unique twist can be added using the combination of inlaid stones and gold to create a heart that's specifically yours.


A different twist on the two halves idea is for each partner to have their fingerprints integrated into their rings. You can have the fingerprints engraved on the inside so your partner's touch will always be with you. As an added bonus, you're guaranteed to have a ring that is 100% unique.

Less-Common Gemstones

Yes, diamonds are forever, but they've also been used a lot over the centuries. Changing things up by using a gemstone that means something to you can add a statement to your wedding bands. For example, each partner's birthstone can be incorporated into the bands. Conversely, they could each carry the other partner's birthstone.

Non-Symmetrical Designs

Twists are the simplest way to accomplish this goal. Another riff on the same concept is to use staggered bars across the bands to create a unique sense of form and texture. Beaded textures and shapes are another way to approach this idea.

Blackened Metal

Dark-colored bands have come into style in recent years, and blackened silver is a very interesting look. This can be an especially playful way to show off the accents of the bands, offsetting gemstones and gold trim against the darker main tone of the rings. Oxidized sterling silver and black zircon are alternative materials that provide a smokier look or a darker look, respectively.


Why settle for a ring that makes simple use of shape and texture? Small patterns, such as flowers, stars and hearts can be used to adorn the ring.

Criss-Cross Design

You're tying the knot, so why not say it with the wedding bands you'll be wearing? A simple criss-cross design can be used to express this term in the abstract sense, or you can get more literal by having an actual knot engraved into the rings.

Engraved Text

There's nothing wrong with the classics. Engraved texts can be personalized in the form of lines from songs or poems, words from your vows, quotes about love, or religious scripture.


10 February 2020

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