Consider These Tennis-Themed Treats To Serve On Your Tennis Court Platter


If you and your friends love the sport of tennis and you love hosting get-togethers, a tennis-themed party is a logical choice. Whether you gather to watch a professional tennis tournament on TV or just congregate at your home after a few hours of playing tennis at your local club, it can be a fun twist to serve snacks inspired by your sport of choice. The ideal way to serve these things is on a glass tennis court platter (like those at Studio Margaret); this dish gets its name from its long, rectangular shape, and will instantly conjure up thoughts of tennis. With your newly purchased platter in hand, here are some things that you can place on it.

Tennis Ball Cupcakes 

Many people love cupcakes, and it's easy to adorn these sweet treats so that they look like tennis balls. Bake a batch of vanilla cupcakes and then whip up some icing. Add green or yellow food coloring to the icing and then add sweetened coconut flakes to the mix. Scoop a bit of icing onto the top of each of your cupcakes and spread it over the entire top of the cupcake. The result will look highly similar to a green or yellow tennis ball, as the coconut flakes represent the fur on the ball. Display the cupcakes on your tennis court platter.

Tennis Ball Cookies

Find a simple recipe for sugar cookies and, upon making the dough, add some green food coloring before you place the cookies on a baking sheet. Use a small, circular cookie cutter so that the cookies will be perfect circles. While they're baking, make up some plain white icing — or, if you really want to do the job quickly, use pre-made icing in a tube. When the cookies are done cooking and have cooled, draw a semi-circle on each side of the top of the cookie in white icing to represent the seams in a tennis ball.

Melon Ball Tennis Balls

For something that is sweet but a little healthier, get a number of small wooden skewers and a honeydew melon and a canary melon. Then, use a melon baller to scoop out perfect spheres from each of the melons. Skewer a handful of melon balls on each skewer, alternating colors, and then arrange the skewers in a visually appealing pattern on your tennis court platter. The green and yellow melon spheres will look like small tennis balls and will bring smiles to the faces of your guests when you present the food.


31 August 2016

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