Four Lovely Ring Options For Those Seeking Smaller Diamonds


While some people dream of wearing the biggest, boldest diamond possible, this approach is not for everyone. Maybe you're on a smaller budget and therefore can only afford a smaller diamond — or perhaps you just prefer the more understated look of a smaller gem. In either case, it's important to keep in mind that the ring styles that look good with larger diamonds do not always look the best with smaller diamonds. Here are some ring options that do look lovely with smaller gems.

Strings of 5 tiny diamonds

If you prefer a really delicate look, then look for rings with five tiny diamonds placed one next to each other on the band. The center diamond should be the largest but only by a bit. Usually, the diamonds are placed on a really thin band, making this a good option for anyone with small and delicate fingers. Round diamonds pair well with the delicate nature of this design, although princess-cut diamonds can also look nice if you desire a slightly more geometric appearance.

Heart diamonds

A heart diamond tends to look a little too gaudy if it's too large. A tiny heart-shaped diamond ring, on the other hand, looks elegant and dainty. This is definitely not a look everyone will enjoy, but if you are someone whose style could be described as "cute" or "lighthearted," a tiny heart diamond ring should complement you perfectly.

Square diamonds

A large square diamond can look a little harsh. It might fit into certain outfits and coordinate with certain looks, but many would consider it too harsh. A small square diamond, on the other hand, can look delicate without being quite as feminine as a heart or round diamond. The straight edges and corners create an internal contrast. Square diamonds can look really nice with silver bands since silver is a little more modern, as is the square shape.

Infinity diamonds

The infinity sign can be a symbol of love that goes on and on. It looks really lovely with two tiny, teardrop-shaped diamonds inside the loops of the infinity symbol. Since the diamonds' edges are covered by metal in this design, the diamond is also less likely to get caught on things, making this a comfortable and convenient ring to wear. Choose a gold band for greater contrast between the metal and the diamond.

All of the designs above look lovely even with small diamonds. Remember, it's not the size of the gem that matters — it's your love.


21 May 2020

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