Reasons to Solder Your Engagement Ring And Wedding Band Together


Visiting a jewelry service to have two rings soldered together might initially seem like a strange idea, but it's an option that many people find favorable. If you wear an engagement ring and a wedding ring on the same finger, as is the norm — and you virtually never wear one ring without wearing the other — you might want to entertain the idea of having your jewelry soldered together. This is a process that is affordable, and one you'll hardly think about once you begin to wear the two rings as one. Here are some reasons to have these two rings soldered together.

They'll Look Better Visually

Sometimes, your engagement ring can slide away from your wedding band to a slight degree, creating a gap between these two pieces of jewelry. This might not bother some people, but if you're meticulous about how you wear your jewelry and other fashion accessories, you might not like this look — and find yourself constantly sliding the two rings together. Having your jeweler solder the rings to one another not only prevents them from sliding apart on your finger but also saves you the hassle of constantly fixing them.

They'll Be More Comfortable

There's another issue that you can face when your engagement ring slides toward the middle knuckle on your finger. In this situation, the movement of the ring might generate some discomfort. For example, if the ring gets too close to the middle knuckle, you may pinch down on the ring when you bend your finger. This can be an unpleasant sensation — and one that you might encounter several times throughout the day. Having the two pieces of jewelry soldered together can make wearing the rings more comfortable.

You May Be Able to Keep Them Cleaner

If you sometimes engage in messy projects while wearing your fingers, you may find that grime gets trapped between the rings — resulting in a time-consuming cleaning process. For example, if you're an avid baker, you might sometimes get dough between the rings. Over time, it will dry, and then require you to work hard to remove it. Having the two rings soldered together can fix the problem of getting gunk between the rings. While you'll still need to clean off the other parts of the rings, you'll at least appreciate that you don't get things caked between them.

Contact your local jewelry store to learn more about the process of soldering rings together.


16 December 2019

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