Four Lovely Ring Options For Those Seeking Smaller Diamonds


While some people dream of wearing the biggest, boldest diamond possible, this approach is not for everyone. Maybe you're on a smaller budget and therefore can only afford a smaller diamond — or perhaps you just prefer the more understated look of a smaller gem. In either case, it's important to keep in mind that the ring styles that look good with larger diamonds do not always look the best with smaller diamonds.

21 May 2020

Eight Personal Ideas for Wedding Bands


Few things are as personal as the wedding bands that a couple exchanges. You may be wondering what sorts of ideas are worth using to put your special touch on the rings you'll be choosing. Here are eight suggestions that can add a personal element to your wedding bands. Two Halves of a Whole The classic version of this wedding band design is two halves of a heart. A unique twist can be added using the combination of inlaid stones and gold to create a heart that's specifically yours.

10 February 2020