Care Tips To Protect Your New Malachite Ring From Damage


Malachite is a copper carbonate mineral and an ore of copper metal. Most people recognize malachite by its deep green color and unique ringed crystalline structure. Although malachite is beautiful, it is also a very soft mineral. For this reason, rings made of this copper mineral require special care to avoid damaging the malachite stone.

To keep your new malachite ring protected from damage, follow all of these care tips:

Care Tip: Take Off Your Malachite Ring When Working with Your Hands

Whether you are washing dishes or working in the yard, there are many things that will damage your new malachite ring. 

Not only will malachite be chipped or cracked if it hits up against pots and pans or landscaping rock, but it can also be damaged by:

  • dish soap
  • bleach, ammonia, and household cleaners
  • hot water

Additionally, malachite will be scratched or chipped if it comes into contact with any material that is harder than it is.

To avoid damage, you should always remove your malachite ring when you are working with your hands cleaning, landscaping, or doing anything else where the ring will get banged around or subjected to harmful liquids. 

Care Tip: Clean Malachite Rings Safely

There are only two safe ways to clean malachite jewelry:

  • wash the ring with water and dry it with a soft cotton cloth
  • soak the ring in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine

Since soaps, cleaning solutions, and hot water are harmful to malachite, you can safely clean it by washing the ring off with cold water and then drying it using a soft cotton cloth.

Alternatively, you can also safely clean malachite rings in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine. Simply put the ring in the solution and allow the cleaner to do its job. In fact, ultrasonic cleaning is the best and safest way to clean all of the jewelry in your jewelry box!

Care Tip: Store Your Malachite Ring in a Ring Box When Not Wearing It

Lastly, one of the best ways to care for your new malachite ring is to store it in a ring box when you are not wearing it. Whether you took the ring off to work on your car or want to store it in your jewelry box, make sure you put the ring safely inside a ring box. A ring box keeps the ring safe from banging against anything and keeps it safe for the next time you want to wear it. 

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3 October 2022

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