Buying A Silver Skull Ring? Here Are Ways You Can Accessorize It


A novelty and specific piece of jewelry, such as a silver skull ring, can seem like an impulse purchase that can only be worn at certain times of the year. However, you can wear a sterling silver skull ring many times of the year and for several types of occasions if you know how to accessorize your piece well.

Here are tips for accessorizing your silver skull ring. You can buy this type of ring at your local jewelry store or you can buy a silver skull ring online or via a novelty jewelry store.

Contrast the ring with bright colors

If you want to wear a silver skull ring and take away its spooky appeal rather than draw attention to it, add some bright and bold color to the look. You can do this by pairing the ring with a more bold and vibrant cocktail ring, painting your nails bright pink, yellow, or blue, or even by wearing some bright gold or other bold bracelets to complete your look. This helps make the skull ring more of an accented piece than a statement of gloom.

If you want to make the silver skull ring stand out in a more darkly intended way for effect, then go with classic dark reds, silvers, and gunmetal gray for accenting your look. Black may be too expected and cliche, so if you want to make a statement, stick to the bolder darker colors that aren't entirely black but make the message clear.

Wear the ring on a necklace

If your silver skull ring is near and dear to you and you want to wear it to work without making a big scene about it, then consider adding it to a necklace chain on its own. If someone asks about it, you can quickly share the history of the ring without drawing too much attention to it while also not keeping it a secret. If you want, wear other more toned-down accessories with your ring, like pearl earrings, plain bracelets, or simple rings.

Add other small accents elsewhere

A silver skull ring makes quite the statement, so make the statement even bolder by having small accents all over your outfit. Perhaps small earrings in the shape of spiders or tiny bats will accessorize your sterling silver skull ring nicely, or the addition of fishnet tights to your jeans or slacks or a bold purple lip can complete the look. You can make the jewelry piece as classic or modern as you'd like with the right accessorizing.

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14 October 2021

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