Finding A Reputable Coin Dealer


Many people have found new hobbies during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantine. Some hobbies that used to be extremely popular decades ago are now regaining their popularity, thanks to the downtime the pandemic offered. Coin collecting, for example, is becoming extremely popular again. Coin collecting is fun because every coin has it's own story. While one coin from 1970 may look like it was at the bottom of a lake for decades, another may have been hidden behind a wall just waiting for someone to renovate and discover it again. 

One challenge of collecting is finding coin dealers who will sell you authentic U.S. mint for a reasonable price. There are several signs that can help you to know if a coin dealer is worth buying from.

Free Appraisals

When you are dealing with a professional and reputable coin dealer, you will find that they will usually not charge individuals for an appraisal of their coins. This is because they are more interested in the actual coin rather than simply making money. A great coin dealer will have a wide inventory of quality coins on hand, and in order to get that, they will need to appraise and buy rare coins in order to sell them.


Before purchasing coins from a coin dealer you are unfamiliar with, you should do a bit of research on their business. How long have they been buying, selling, and trading coins? Are they part of a professional organization such as the American Numismatic Association (AMA)? If you met them at a coin show, you should make sure that they have a successful storefront. The answers to these questions can help you to make sure that you are working with a coin dealer who is trustworthy and professional. 


It is important to check the online reviews of a coin dealer. This can help you to know how your experience may be when you purchase coins from them. If a dealer has many positive reviews, then you are likely to have a good experience with them.

In conclusion, it can be easy to know how to find a great coin dealer near you; you just need to know where to look. By focusing on the appraisals, experience, and reviews, you should be able to find a coin dealer that will become your number-one resource for quality coins to add to your collection. Contact a coin dealer near you to learn more.


23 June 2021

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