Give Some Jewelry That Symbolizes What You Truly Mean


When you buy jewelry, it may help to know the hidden meaning behind many popular gemstones. This can help you send a special message to someone you love and provide the perfect way to convey your feelings. Visit jewelers and sites to find distinctive pieces using the perfect stone to say what you really mean.

Some meanings behind the gemstone include:


Emeralds signify love and prosperity, and are also used to express the sentiment that you should live life to its fullest. There are also some that believe emeralds can be used to increase intuitive awareness and manifestation of wealth and fortune. Some wear emeralds for protection during travel, difficult circumstances, and even exorcisms.


Rubies have long been associated with royalty and have a nobleness about them. These stones convey the message of love and passion, and are rumored to keep the wearer healthy and beautiful. Some claim that rubies bring success and a sense of peace whenever they are worn.


They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but these stones also are thought to bring inner-strength to the person wearing them. Diamonds are fairly rare, and they are thought to bring abundance, balance, and clarity. Historically, people thought that diamonds had healing powers and would wear them to recover from illness, injury, and disease.


Sapphires make great engagement and promise rings as these stones represent loyalty, devotion, and honesty. These gems also are believed to bring a sense of peace and contentment to the wearer, protecting them from negative energy and forces. Some other benefits of wearing sapphires include abundance, improved mental clarity, and even improved eyesight!


Tanzanite is a rare gem found primarily in tropical climates, such as the Bahamas and Africa. These stones are believed to have a very high vibration which contributes to an increase in psychic ability. Tanzanite also is considered to signify spirituality and enable healing of body and soul.


Topaz is often found as an accent used with other gems and is often a bit cheaper than some of these precious stones. This stone conveys forgiveness and hope, which makes it an ideal way to say "I'm sorry." It also can be used to get rid of stagnant or negative energy and make a fresh start.

Say what you mean with the perfect earrings, ring, or other jewelry item. Know the significance of the stones that you buy, beyond merely the appearance or price of the piece. Talk with jewelers about conveying your special sentiment with the right piece of jewelry for your loved one. Contact a business, such as Susan Hanover Designs, for more information.   


20 July 2016

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