Feel A Little Self-Conscious Wearing A Statement Necklace? Try These Four Tricks


Statement necklaces are all the rage these days—these big, often elaborate necklaces that provide a focal point to an outfit in any combination of colors and metals have dominated the fashion scene for a while. But what if you're a little shy about adopting the look? If you aren't quite sure how to pull off a good look with one of these big, glittering beauties, try these tricks:

1. Tuck one under an open collared shirt.

This is a way of adding the glamour and glitz of a statement necklace while still keeping your look demure. A white, button-down shirt with cuffed sleeves and a rounded, untucked tail looks charming and fresh even with a large statement piece around your neck. If you have a multi-colored piece with some blues in it, pair the necklace with a blue jean shirt. Your relaxed look will tone down the drama of the statement necklace you're wearing.

2. Add it to a basic black dress.

Most women keep a favorite black outfit in their closet. Whether you're a fan of the little black dress or prefer a black maxi-dress instead, you can add singular flair to your look with a statement necklace of any color, size, or metal. Because solid black clothing is naturally sedate, the statement piece won't overwhelm your look. You can use metallic statement necklaces or ones with natural stones for daytime, and switch to rhinestones or faux pearls at night.

3. Pair it with a plain shirt and open jacket.

Statement necklaces look great under an open jacket. You can put them over a silk blouse but tucked under a business jacket, and even the boldest variety won't look garish at work. If you're planning an evening out or want to wear one on a date, put one over a plain white t-shirt and pair it with your favorite leather or denim jacket for a crisp but casual look.

4. Pick from the same color palette.

You can find statement necklaces in some wild color combos—even neon! But, if you're not totally comfortable with making a really bold fashion choice, a conservative option is to pick a necklace that is in the same color scheme as the rest of your outfit. For example, if you pick a necklace with faux pearls, you can wear it over a white blouse. That still gives you a touch of bling without going overboard. If you feel comfortable with being just a little more flashy, pair a necklace that's a shade or two different than the color your wearing. For example, you could pair a necklace with pale blue stones against a dark blue blouse. If you coordinate your shoes with your blouse or the necklace, you'll have a nicely complementing outfit that's fashionable but not outlandish. 


7 April 2016

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