4 Reasons To Buy Vintage Jewelry


If you are currently looking for the perfect jewelry item for a loved one, why not purchase vintage jewelry? There are many benefits of vintage jewelry as opposed to brand new jewelry items, and your loved one might really appreciate the sentiment. Here are some reasons to purchase vintage jewelry.

It is fun to shop for

If you don't just want to walk into a jewelry store and buy the first necklace you find that you like, you will really enjoy shopping for vintage jewelry. Buying vintage jewelry is all about the experience. You will need to hunt garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets to find the vintage pieces. You will learn about antique jewelry and know what to look for to make sure it is authentic. The thrill you get from searching and actually finding a beautiful piece of vintage jewelry can make it worth it. Check out a place like The Owl's Tale to find vintage and antique jewelry.

There is a story to every piece

There is something amazing about buying jewelry that might have been owned by any number of interesting people. One thing vintage pieces have that commercial jewelry doesn't is a story. Most people selling vintage jewelry are more than happy to tell you what they know. Some of them were actually the owner of the jewelry, while others can re-tell the story they were told when they bought it. You might end up with the engagement ring a man bought his wife over 100 years ago, a brooch from the Victorian Era, or a necklace that has traveled all over the world in one woman's suitcase.

There are no duplicates

While you may find more than one of the same type of vintage jewelry in the world, it is rare. You don't need to worry about seeing the exact same bracelet on someone at work or risking buying the same necklace for your mom that your sister also bought. There is a lot more meaning behind jewelry that is unique and comes with a lot of character.

It has natural patina

Some modern jewelry designs have fabricated patina, where the jewelry designer tried to accomplish the look of vintage jewelry. With authentic vintage jewelry, that patina is natural and irreplaceable. It occurred after years and years of the jewelry being in existence, sitting in jewelry boxes, and being worn by its owners. This is why it is crucial that you never clean a vintage jewelry piece or try to remove that patina.


3 June 2015

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