Selling Coins Online? Ensure They Reach Their Destination Safely


Shopping for gold coins online provides a satisfying rush akin to auction fever. You've got a specific coin in mind, you spend considerable time scouring the Internet for it and, then, it happens -- you find exactly what you're looking for. But in order to pay for this prized item, you decide to first sell some coins from your collection. Whether you belong to an online coin marketplace or choose to use a service such as eBay, you should always put significant care into packing and shipping your coins to ensure they reach the buyer safely. After all, that's the type of service you expect when you're shopping for coins.

Practice Perfect Packing

Don't simply toss the coins you've just sold into an envelope and rush off to the post office. Instead, take the time to place your coins -- whether it's two just or 20 -- in an appropriate-sized coin tube that will serve to protect the goods during transit. You don't want the coins to jingle inside the tube while they're on their journey, so fill the empty void in the coin tube with crumbled paper or some fine strips of bubble wrap to keep everything secure.

Use the Right Box or Envelope

You typically have the choice of shipping coins in a padded envelope or a small box, depending on the size of the package. Each type of package has its benefits, but you shouldn't opt for the cheaper option of a padded envelope just to save postage costs. Padded envelopes are ideal for small shipments, while boxes are suitable for larger contents. Place your coin tube in your chosen shipping package and fill the rest of the envelope or box with padding in the form of sheets of bubble wrap or foam peanuts. It's important to seal your package carefully with several layers of clear tape.

Shipping Methods

In general, it's proper etiquette as a seller to pay for a higher-end shipping method when you take your package to the post office. The United States Postal Service offers a wide range of shipping options such as the lightning-quick Priority Mail Express and the nearly-as-quick Priority Mail. These methods can deliver your coins overnight or in up to three days, but the key benefit is you -- and the recipient -- will be able to track the package online. By spending a few extra dollars to ensure the coins arrive safe and sound, you'll have a happy buyer, some money in your pocket and be ready to buy the coins you've been coveting.

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22 May 2015

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