Choosing Topaz For Your Custom Jewelry Design


Topaz is a beautiful, versatile stone that ranges from colorless to bright blue. Many factors affect the price of a topaz stone. However, when considering topaz for your custom jewelry piece, keep in mind not only the quality and price of the stone, but how it will fit into your overall design.

Topaz Colors

When you say topaz, most people automatically think blue. Yellow is actually just as common as blue, and the shades range from pale to bright, sometimes with hints of green. Blue topaz is grayish with blue flecks when mined, but it's heated and irradiated to produce the clearer color. Both yellow and blue are relatively inexpensive.

Pink topaz is very rare, and as a result, expensive. Imperial topaz offers shades of orange, pink and peach that occur naturally, requiring no heat and irradiation. The same is true of champagne topaz, with its light undertones of brown. If you're going to choose one of the more unusual topaz shades, make sure it's going to be the centerpiece of your jewelry design.

Topaz Clarity

No matter the color of the topaz stone, clarity also affects its price. Many stones carry internal flaws, or inclusions, as well as external flaws, or blemishes. Generally speaking, clearer stones are more desirable. However, not only are pink and champagne colors in topaz are caused by impurities, but stones with inclusions can sometimes refract light in unique manners. Don't let inclusions and blemishes prevent you from choosing a stone that would otherwise fit beautifully into your custom jewelry piece.

Topaz Cut

All precious and semi-precious gemstones come out of the ground rough. They need to be cut and polished in order to shine. According to Jewelry Notes, the cut of a topaz stone should maximize its color. So, look for a stone with more facets if you want a shimmery look or fewer facets if you want the inclusions to be highlighted.

With the cut, it's also important to keep in mind how it will fit with your design. The goal is to show as much of the surface of the topaz as possible. So, if you're having the stone mounted in a deep setting, look for a shallow-cut stone. However, if the topaz is meant to sit in a high setting, a deeper cut might be fine.

A shimmering topaz in any of the available colors can serve as the centerpiece to a solitaire style or as a complement to other stones. Start by considering the color, and then look for stones with the clarity and cut that will best complement your vision. Visit a specialist like Bender's Jewelers for your next custom jewelry piece.


16 April 2015

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