3 Nontraditional Wedding Ring Themes You'll Love


Fine diamonds, silver, and gold are all beautiful, but sometimes you'll want something a little different. Nontraditional wedding and engagement rings are made out of a plethora of interesting items, from rose gold to pearls and rare gems. Here's three nontraditional wedding rings that you may be interested in owning. 

Creative Rings: Animal Shapes

Normally, you wouldn't think of a wedding ring taking on the shape of an animal, but if you're a zookeeper or animal lover, this might just be a ring you'll want to own. Several kinds of animal-shaped rings are available, including a diamond and embossed octopus ring that has eight legs supporting an ocean pearl. 

If you're a fan of birds, you may want to consider a bird-shaped ring with wings that circle your finger. Some of these rings feature birds with diamonds or other gems in their beaks, so you can show off your engagement. 

Unusual Rings: Floral Elements

Floral elements in rings have been popular in the past, but now you can get rings that are shaped like roses, sunflowers, or other lovely flowers. Several kinds of floral rings are on the market, from single-stone rings with flowers carved into the band to rose-shaped rings that have rubies and emeralds making up the flower's colors. 

Sometimes, you want to wear something a little unusual, and finding a simple band that has multiple flowers that circle your finger may be attractive to you. Each flower could have a single diamond in the center, or you could choose the stone you like best to suit your tastes. 

Stylish Rings: Vintage Style 

Vintage rings are on the rise, but one thing you need to know is that many styles of vintage engagement rings won't line up with a band. What that means is that your engagement ring would also need to work as your wedding band. 

Very unusual shapes are available for vintage-style rings. Large halo patterns, square shapes or even oval-style rings are available. Many vintage-styled rings are covered in gems from top to bottom, focusing on a large center stone and multiple smaller stones surrounding it. Colors vary largely on these rings, so it's possible to have a diamond center, ruby middle, and aquamarine accents, or whatever style of colors and shapes you like. 

These are a few ideas for nontraditional wedding and engagement rings. Take a look, and see if you'd like something other than a traditional solitaire. For more information, contact B And A Jewelers or a similar company.


30 March 2015

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