Tips For Buying Jewelry At A Pawnshop


If you are interested in purchasing jewelry from a pawnshop in an attempt to save yourself a little bit of money, you are on the right path. Of course, there are some things that you are going to want to keep in mind when looking over the available selection of jewelry. By keeping the following advice in mind, you will save yourself a lot of money and disappointment.

Ask For The Papers

When the jewelry you are looking at has diamonds, you are going to want to make sure that you are able to verify its size, color clarity, and value with the proper paperwork. Any reputable pawnshop will have this documentation ready to show you. After all, they want to make sure that they are getting as much money as possible for the diamond pieces that they have.

Try To Offer A Better Price

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you have no right to offer a lower price for the jewelry that you are thinking of buying. Remember, while the pawnshop is in business to make a profit, they usually acquire their jewelry pieces at an exceptionally low rate. Therefore, it might not hurt to ask for a slightly better price, even if it isn't much of a discount. The idea is to show that you are not afraid to haggle with them. After all, if you do not buy that particular piece of jewelry today, it might sit there for months depending on how many customers they get coming in for used jewelry.

Leave Your Name And Number

Unless you are dealing with a pawnshop that has a lot of foot traffic coming through their doors on a daily basis, you might get away with leaving and hoping that the jewelry you want will still be there in a few days. The idea is to first ask for a lower price, within reason of course. If the pawnshop owner refuses your offer, you can ask if you can leave your name and number. This way, he or she can give you a call if they change their mind. While it is not always promised that the pawnshop owner will give you a call, there is always that chance and that is what you are banking on. Once he or she sees that the piece of jewelry is not selling and sees your number sitting there, there may be the urge to go ahead and call you in order to sell it.

While you may or may not find the deal of a lifetime with the previously mentioned tips, they are certainly worth a try. For more information, contact a company like Desert Jewelry Mart & Coins.


10 March 2015

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