Simple Accessories That Complete Any Outfit


There are times when you have picked out the perfect outfit, but it seems like something is missing. When this happens, you want to have a few items on hand that work as great accessories for any type of outfit you plan to wear.

Silver Chain

Silver chains are a great choice for any necklace you want to add to an outfit. The silver adds a pop of color and it is bright enough not to get lost in darker colors like black, forest green and deep burgundy.  To make the look more dramatic, you can wear two or more silver chains in different sizes to create a layered appearance.

Even though silver chains make great necklaces, you can also use them as bracelets. Wrapping the chain around your wrist allows you to create a unique bracelet that looks similar to a layered necklace.

Additionally, since silver matches itself, you can purchase a few pieces in different sizes. When you have several silver chains in your jewelry box, you can wear one as a necklace and another as a bracelet. By having a few silver chains, you will always have a simple yet gorgeous accessory to match any outfit you own.  

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Solid-colored Scarf

Another option you have for accessorizing your clothing is to choose a solid colored scarf. When most people think of a scarf, they picture a piece of material that they drape over their shoulders.

However, you can use a scarf in several different ways to accessorize your clothing, one of which is to wrap it around your waist. This gives you the illusion of a belt, while also adding some color to your outfit. You can also wrap smaller scarves around your head or tie one into your hair to complete a different look.

The solid color of these scarves makes them easier to match the clothing you already own. For example, black, white or silver scarves are a good option when you want a simple accessory that can accent an outfit that already has a distinct pattern. The solid color complements the clothing without overshadowing the look of your outfit.

Adding accessories to your outfits does not mean you need to get bright or bold pieces. You can change the look of any outfit by using different yet simple accessories like solid-colored scarves and silver chains. To start, you simply need to decide which accessories will best suit your needs and then go shopping for these simple yet effective items.


5 March 2015

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