A Guy's Guide To Selecting A Diamond Engagement Ring: Color And Cut


Selecting the right engagement ring is really important. Part of that process involves selecting the best diamond. But, what does that entail? Most guys are not familiar with diamonds, so they might walk into a jeweler and buy the first stone they see.

That's a bad idea. You should go about it like you would if you were buying a car. Do some research beforehand.  Familiarize yourself with diamonds. Not all diamonds are alike. This article is designed for the guy who has absolutely no knowledge of diamonds.

Two Of The Most Important Aspects Of A Diamond


Diamonds are graded according to how much color they have. The specific color is yellow. While other colors are possible, these colors are rare and referred to as "fancy". You likely won't be dealing with them when buying an engagement ring.

Many diamonds will not look yellow. In fact, unless you know how to look at them correctly, you might never see a color. The proper way to look at a diamond is to place it on a white piece of paper and look at it through a jeweler's loupe. You look for the color in the "pavilion", which is the bottom part of the diamond. It can be thought of as the "body" of the diamond. The "top" of the diamond is the crown.

The scale of color ranges from D through Z. D through F indicates that there is no yellow present to the human eye. These are colorless diamonds and are the most expensive. At the other end of the spectrum, are the "light" colored diamonds. These diamonds have visible yellow that is noticeable to even the untrained eye.

Just because colorless diamonds are more expensive, that doesn't mean that they are the "best". It simply means that it will cost more. You're fiancé might prefer a diamond with hints of yellow (such as a grade H diamond). However, it is important to understand the differences when negotiating a price.


Diamonds are cut into their shape. Before they are cut and polished, they look like rocks. The cut has two purposes. The first is to make the diamond pretty and the second is to enable it to "catch" the light.

Which cut you choose is a personal preference. There are classic cuts, such as the Asher cut and the Marquise cut. There are also modern cuts, such as the Princess cut, which is very popular. You can get a sense of what your fiancé would like by looking at her current ring collection. If she has a preference for square cut stones, then you would look for at an Ashcher or Pillow cut. If, on the other hand, she likes oval shape stones, then you might want to look at the Marquise cuts.


18 February 2015

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